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HE WAS A LOVELY RED – Art Exhibition Henk Lammers in Dallas and Almelo

What do seven lines of text, each with the same 15 letters, but in varying order, say about seven iconic images?

On November 24, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot dead.
The Dutch artist Henk Lammers, born the same day, has made seven paintings from iconic photographs around Lee Harvey Oswald with accompanying text.
These words function as a key, open to multiple interpretations.

The exhibitions at the Dallas Library and 500X Gallery will be projections with text interplay.
This art project looks from an unusual angle at history and encourages young and old people to continue to puzzle.

The exhibition at 500X Gallery opens on November 24, 60 years after the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.
The band Chocolate Labrador performs at the reception between 7-10PM, and the installation will be on view until Sunday 26th.

The exhibition on 4th floor of Dallas Central Library opens on November 29 and runs until January 31. There is a reception from 5-7PM on Wednesday November 29.

Concurrent with the Dallas events, there are parallel exhibitions at the Library and the Kunst-Torentje in Almelo, Henk Lammers’ hometown in the Netherlands.

For more information: website Henk Lammers
For background information of this exhibition, check out the project plan, written in April 2023:

Apart from being a visual artist, Henk Lammers is a songwriter and organizer of live music.
This exhibition was created with the support of the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and the Cultuurkas Almelo.



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